Chantal Comte La Tour de l‘Or Bourbon Finish       0,7L 46,5%

In der Nase elegant, intensiv und süßlich mit Ingwer-, Vanille-, Eukalyptus- und Orangeat-Noten zeigt sich der Chantal Compte La Tour de l´Or Bourbon Finish lebendig, frisch und vollmundig mit Aromen von Vanille, einer angenehmen Süße und Eichenholz, welches durch seine Lagerung in ehemaligen Bourbonfässern entsteht. Sein Abgang ist lang-anhaltend und angenehm wärmend.

Chantal Comte has chosen to name this marvel « La Tour de l’or » as a symbolic reminder of the treasures which arrived in Seville, brought from the New World in the holds of Christopher Columbus’ Caravels. On the banks of the Guadalquivir, this 13th Century almohad tower still stands like a nostalgic sentry in the beautiful Anda lusian light.It is a poetic and historic link between the old Europe and the distant islands which Saint-John Perse described so well« the first solitary islands, the islands round and ringed by an infini ty of space like stars...The sea between these islands is of luxurious rose…».

Appelation AOP Martinique Not a vintage rum (blend of very old vintages), this exceptional rum is distinctive in that it has been aged in American oak barrels previously used when making Bourbon whisky.

This rum is an attractive amber colour.Its nose is reminiscent of ginger, vanilla, eucalyptus, candied orange peel and a hint of gunflint developed from the barrels used to make Bourbon. This adds a fullness to this rum,giving it elegance and refinement. It offers a lively, amazingly fresh immediate taste, marked by amber, vanilla and chypre. It has a lingering finish.Unlike popular belief, it should be served at room temperature in Riedel or Spiegelau spirits glasses, best suited to tasting good spirits.Serve with a magnificent chocolate dessert, dare to match it with mature Epoisse cheese and enjoy it with a good cigar of excellent provenance for an incomparable alliance of lands of origin.

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