Lazy Dodo Rum           0,7L 40%

Der Rum ehrt den geheimnisvollen Vogel der Insel, der bereits vor der Ankunft von Seefahrern im 18. Jahrhundert ausgestorben war. Der Dodo war flugunfähig, weswegen ihm Faulheit nachgesagt wurde. Obwohl der Dodo ausgestorben ist, bleibt er doch das nationale Wahrzeichen von Mauritius.

On the island of Mauritius, the mysterious Dodo was a bird that had already gone extinct before sailors arrived on the island in the 18th century. The Dodo was unable to fly and was therefore considered “lazy”. Though extinct, it remains the national emblem of the island to this day. Lazy Dodo Rum is a meticulously blended marriage of rums from different vintages that are up to 12 years old. Its beautiful amber highlights hint at its unique aroma profile due to ageing in different kinds of barrels. Well-structured and mellow, it shows fascinating fresh and exotic aromas. On the palate, it evokes citrus notes, a hint of sweet notes and oak.