Espero Anejo Especial           0,7L 40%

Ein erstklassiger Mix verschiedener dominikanischer Rums, im Solera Alterungs-Prozess vier bis sieben Jahre in der Karibik gereift. Das Bouquet pra¨sentiert sich mit sanften To¨nen von Vanille, Bananen, Kokosnuss, Butter-Toffees und Ankla¨ngen von Holz. Mit seinem weichen, vollmundigen Geschmack und seiner scho¨nen Su¨ße ist dieser Rum perfekt fu¨r Premium-Cocktails und auch zum pur Trinken auf Eis geeignet, oder zur einer Zigarre.

Surveyed in 1684 by Mr Thomas Goddard, Hampden Estate has operated as a large sugar plantation since that century, making it one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica. Renowned throughout Jamaica's rum history for its full, intensely flavorful pot still rums, it continues today to be the quintessential heavy pot rum of choice throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Hampden has been producing high quality, high ester bulk rum for the European market for centuries. Hampden has become famous for producing the original JB- which used to be available on the black market. Since the takeover of the estate by the Hussey Family, it has been bottled and made available to the public in the form of RUM FIRE- the white overproof rum that boasts exceptional smoothness and a surprising twist while maintaining tradition. It is with great pleasure that Hampden launched RUM FIRE, its first bottled rum in March 2011. It is 63% alcohol by volume with a clean, clear appearance, a slightly fruity aroma, crisp flavor and a surprising sweetness that lingers. Hints of jackfruit, pineapple and cashew fruit stand out to the experienced palate.

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